Conference & Exhibition Management (in-Person)

Our highly skilled team has experience in organising a broad range of national and regional events with delegate numbers from 20 to 5,000+, including exhibitions, conferences, gala dinners, award ceremonies, incentives, product launches and training workshops

  • Bidding
  • Event Strategy and Marketing
  • Speakers’ Management Services
  • Abstracts Management Services
  • Secretariat Management Services
  • Delegates Management Services
  • Registration Management Services
  • Venue Management: sourcing, negotiations and analysis
  • Site Inspection
  • Sponsorship & Exhibition Design, Sales, Collection and Aftersales Management Services
  • Event Consultancy & Conceptualisation; including management of social programmes
  • Operation and Technical Support Services
  • Staging, Production, Audio-Visual & IT Solutions
  • Logistics Management Services
  • Sppliers’ Management
  • Manpower Management
  • Onsite Secretariat Management Services
  • Onsite Logistics Management Services
  • Housing Bureau
  • Destination Management Services
  • Final Accounting
  • Post Event Reporting
  • Advertising and Promotions, Roadshow
  • Social Media and Digital Advertising
  • Conference Collaterals
    • Masthead : look and feel, visual and printing :
      • Brochures
      • Sponsorship opportunity & exhibitors Prospectus
      • Direct Mailers
      • Social Media
      • Trade Journals
    • Conference Packs
      • Programme Handbook
      • E-Abstract
      • Sourvenirs
      • Badges and Lanyards
    • Onsite Signage
      • Registration Counters
      • E-Directional Signage
      • Backdrop
      • Photowall
      • Electronic Signage
      • Powerpoint Look & Feel


Webinar, Conference and Exhibition Management (Virtual and Hybrid)

In addition to the job scopes listed above for the Face to Face Meetings, we have retrained our existing team to also handle the virtual component. We have injected additional technical team members to operate a successful virtual and hybrid event. Duties 

  • Virtual Event Consultancy & Conceptualisation; Strategy and Marketing
  • Speakers’ and Chairs Management Service
  • Abstracts, e-Posters and Video e-Management Services
  • Secretariat Management
  • Delegates Registration e-Management
  • Sponsorship & Exhibition e-Management:
  • Sales, Collection and Aftersales e-Management Services,
  • Online setup of Exhibition Booths
  • Handling of Sponsors’ Virtual Webinars
  • Pre-scheduled appointment business matchmaking, please creation of online attendees’ diary for 1:1 meeting opportunities
  • Digital Event Producer to co-ordinates with every team members for the virtual transmission, Call Qs and on contents to be punched out onto the virtual Screen
  • Virtual Conference Platform Specialist to manage the tools to create live and on-demand events.
  • Moderators and Monitors
  • Operation and Technical Support Services
  • Staging, Production, Audio-Visual & IT Solutions
  • E-Logistics Management Services
  • Technical Partners’ Management
  • Measure the impact of Virtual conference and Exhibition with insigths and post event reporting
  • Web and Creative Producer (Live & Virtual Events): Brings the theme of the virtual conference to live. Update all session information and incorporate the virtual platform technology into the website. Create backdrops and materials for the presenters. Adding pages for on-demand sessions, setting up virtual conference sessions on the virtual platform and communicating information to the registration in charge.
  • Mobile Apps Developer to setup & synchronise all contents from web. User can communication with each ohers via chat, ID cloud-based voice and video conferencing call
  • Creation of 2D & 3D Designs that helpps to bring out the virtual event branding of your virtual conference and exhibition.


Integrated Solutions

We believe that technology can enhance a customer’s journey, to provide an unparalleled experience that optimizes the best possible event outcomes.

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Website Hosting
  • Set Up of Website
  • Website Template (CMS) Module
  • Custom Design and Graphics
  • Content Updates
  • Backups & Archiving
  • Application Programming Interface (API)Integration Module
  • Mobile Application with Event Branding
    • Facial Recognition
    • Lead Retrieval System
    • Intro Ad
    • Profile
    • General Information
    • Agenda
    • Speakers
    • Sponsors
    • Exhibitors
    • Floorplans
    • Certificates
    • Absracts
    • Awards
    • Contact
    • Social Matching
    • Business Matching
    • QR Code
    • Survey
    • Voting Applications
    • My appointment
    • My Itinerary
    • Alerts
  • Website Applications Modules
  • Web Design & Integration
  • e-Directory Module
  • Agenda Module
  • Speaker Management Module
  • Session Module
  • Abstract Submission Module
  • Abstract Review Module
  • Lodging Module
  • Flights Module
  • Transport Module
  • Tour Module
  • Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
  • Social Network Integration (SNI)
  • Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)
  • Pre-event to On-site Registration Module
  • DashBoard Module
  • 3D Exhibition Viewer
  • Survey Module
  • Database Management Module
  • Event Budget Management (EBM
  • e-Payment Gateway Management & Integration
  • Website Maintenance
  • Standard E-Learning Course Module
  • The Virtual Market Place Modules
  • Prescheduled Appointment (PSA)
  • Training session for use of CMS (48 Hours)
  • Search Engine on following major websites
  • Administrator – Contents Management System (CMS)


Association Management

We offer the expertise, staffing and resources that allow professional societies, trade groups, not-for-profits and philanthropic organizations to advance their long-term goals. Our staff members are well-versed in association management services.

Our Clients

Reasons for you to hire an association management company:

  • All your paperwork, staff data, and association history can be housed in one place
  • The executive committee’s time is freed up to focus on strategic decisions, rather than day-to-day operations
  • The executive committee can remain in the know of what is happening in their associations
  • Experts and skilled specialists in a variety of functional areas can be leveraged
  • Gain access to the latest technological advances, without having to incur additional association costs
  • Retain skilled staff members who are aligned with your organisation’s needs
  • Stay on top of the latest trends in the association industry
  • Benefit from the specialised know-how of the AMC
  • Reap financial benefits, including shared resources, increased buying power, and a reduction of exposure to industry risk

Ace:Daytons Direct’s association management services provide the answers to all your above questions. You can now streamline your office tasks and tech systems, as well as gain from our bulk purchasing power.

Whatever size, scope or level of requirements you have for your association, we can tailor-make our services to your specific needs. We offer our experience and resources to support and enhance every possible area of your association’s activities, including:

  • General administration
  • Provision of non-exclusive office facilities
  • Membership services and support
  • Finance and administration, including doing necessary reporting as required by the government
  • Executive committee meetings
  • Annual general meeting
  • Marketing and communications
  • Website, web-based solutions & technology, including CME applications
  • Small seminars, talks, and lectures
  • Sponsorshp and fundraising
  • Conference coordination
  • Ad hoc events and projects
  • Publications (Eg. Association directory and newsletter)
  • Government relations
  • We help associations to monitor proposed legislation and regulations, to evaluate their impact on members, and manage the association’s lobbying activities to ensure they comply with applicable laws
  • Corporate governance

We respect your organization’s independence and autonomy. Our team will work closely with your organization’s leadership to plan and execute association initiatives, programmes and member services, based on your organization’s overall mission, strategy and objectives. We are on hand to suggest innovative ideas and new approaches. We ensure that the core identity of each and every client organization – its customs, beliefs and values – is protected, nurtured and preserved.

We are committed to listening carefully and understanding your current needs and future goals. Ace:Daytons Direct works continuously to ensure that our customized solutions achieve your goals, drive growth and build sustained competitiveness for your organization.

About Us
Ace:Daytons Direct is the Professional Conference, Exhibition and Events Organiser with a difference. With over 20 years of experience, we are an unique turn-key organiser with ‘one-stop shop’ solutions for all your conference / exhibition needs.

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